Harsh! Harsh!
Harsh! Harsh!
Harsh! Harsh!

The rhythm of the soldiers is echoing in the scorching heat
Ah, Rushing Wind
Fate’s Princess
I can feel the temperature rising up to you

Harsh! Harsh!
Harsh! Harsh!

The ocean cries to the rhythm of a mysterious forgetfulness
My deep sea
Silence’s Princess
These fingers of mine can feel you

Harsh Harsh Uranus!
Harsh Harsh Neptune!

Harsh!! Saint Cry
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

The “New” ArcSystemWorks BloodRayne Game is NOT a new BR Game!

ArcSystemWorks are just publishing BloodRayne Betrayal in Japan as BloodRayne Crimson Slayer.

It’s not a new game, just published version for Japan (PS3).


F#ck you Majesco and f$#k u too ArcSystem Works!